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No matter what your stance is on the sensitive subject that is global warming, we can all agree on one thing… We LOVE our Planet. This one-of-a-kind, beautiful Earth is ours, and therefore our responsibility to keep clean, sustainable and healthy.  The inhabitants of this amazing planet are also mass consumers. So how do we blend these ways of modern life, while taking care of our planet? We must also ask the question, is it even important to said consumers? Marketing research says absolutely.

An ASI Study showed that being Eco-Friendly Marketing does play a part in the decision making process to purchase goods and services. Environmentally friendly products leave a better impression with consumers, almost half actually*. Over 55% of the millennial generation is willing to pay more for products and services that are committed to positive environmental impact**. This type of forward thinking can lead to brand loyalty in young consumers, practically ensuring a customer for life.

Today’s consumers are being eco-friendly without even trying. When it comes to throwing away or passing on promotional products, over 63% of Canadian and American citizens are giving these marketing items to someone else or recycling their goods instead of choosing the trash*. These smart decisions not only are pro-Earth but provide continued brand exposure.

In today’s market, eco-friendly materials are very accessible and more affordable than ever. In apparel, look for materials like hemp, organic cotton and wool. Houseware products that are made from bamboo, a highly renewable material, are best for mother Earth. When researching any marketing collateral, whether promotional, packaging or print, be sure to look for key descriptive words such as biodegradable, 100% recyclable, “raw” materials and Kraft paper.

These featured products are the perfect example of beautiful, eco-friendly items readily available.

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Let Proforma GIS Enhance Your Branding

Proforma GIS Branding

Proforma GIS is a leader in the printing, promotional products and packaging industries with a creative edge to add impact and value to your brand. As your agency without the agency fees, we provide the most innovative and cutting edge product and service solutions. We partner with our clients to develop marketing campaigns and print collateral including branded direct marketing, awareness programs and integrated marketing solutions. Most recently, Proforma worked with a large financial agency to create a multi-faceted print campaign to invite customers to inquire about available services that weren’t being utilized. The organization needed a fresh new look for all their printed products and wanted Proforma to oversee everything from the concept branding and design to the final product.
The client decided they wanted to send customers an innovative direct marketing piece. Their overall concept was Ideas in your Head and wanted to increase awareness of their financial planning services. Proforma suggested using Proview see-through postcards. On the postcard was an X-ray of a skull with a note card pinned to the head saying, “{Your financial plan}… Is it just in your head?” The postcard also informed bank customers that an invitation to a small group session would arrive shortly, where they could enjoy food and beverages while learning how to update and improve their financial planning.

Additionally, Proforma provided branded Brown Kraft envelopes to hold the postcard. Each envelope was stamped in big red and yellow letters with the words, “X-Ray Film Please Do Not Bend.” To complement the project, Proforma supplied branded brain-shaped stress relievers bearing the slogan, “Is it just in your head?” to be given to customers who attended the small group sessions onsite.

The client loved everything about the campaign, from the intriguing mailing envelopes to the ‘brainy’ stress balls. The campaign was a hit with clients, too. With the success of this project, Proforma continues to work regularly with the financial agency on all their marketing and branding campaigns.

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Apparel is Changing. Embrace it.

The signed jersey off the back of your baseball idol, a favorite sweatshirt passed down to your daughter or the commemorative jacket you received after crossing the finish line for your first marathon. Apparel can hold a significant meaning to the wearer that’s not always visible to others.

The world of promotional apparel is no longer just about a run of the mill t-shirt that ends up in a pile with all the others. Promotional apparel is making leaps and bounds, embracing retail trends with sleek cuts, touchable fabrics and the hottest styling to create pieces that the wearer will truly love.

It’s no secret that apparel is a part of our daily lives. We use it to outwardly express our personalities, as a comforting touch in tough times and as a celebration of a memorable moment. And our daily apparel is seeing a cultural shift – consumers are looking for pieces they can wear to a casual office, out to dinner with friends and transition to drinks for the night.

As a whole, apparel maintains a very high advertiser awareness rate. When your employees, clients or friends wear apparel branded with your logo, they serve as a walking billboard for your brand. If you’re providing exceptional apparel options, they will more likely want to wear it.

So, put down previous notions when it comes to uniforms, t-shirts and other promotional apparel, and pick up the idea that these branded items can become a much loved jacket, a favorite sweatshirt or a t-shirt they’ll never want to take off.

Embrace the shift, embrace the apparel.

Looking for a starting point? Check out these featured pieces to start your branded apparel wardrobe today.